Jetted bathtubs are a great addition to any bathroom as they offer increased comfort and luxury when bathing. There are three standard types of jetted bathtubs: water jets, air jets and combination air-water jets. Before purchasing a jetted tub, there are many aspects to consider including size and weight, price and the difference in jetted tub options.

Bathtubs with Water Jets:

A water jet bathtub is a tub with multiple jets that push water into a powerful stream. There is a central pump that circulates the water around the tub using between 4 and 12 jets. These water jets can be adjusted to the users preferred water pressure for ideal massage. Some downsides of a water jetted bathtub include constant recirculation of water between the tub and pump, which poses the chance of contamination. Because these bathtubs with water jets can be difficult to clean, regular upkeep is required to keep the bathtub sanitary. If you regularly add aromatherapy oils and bath salts when you soak, a water jetted bathtub is not the best option since the buildup of residue can damage the tub. Water jetted bathtubs can also be costlier compared to air jetted tubs.

Bathtubs with Air Jets:

An air jet bathtub functions by flowing air into water using an air compressor. There are more jets in an air jet tub than a water jet tub since there can be up to 120 jets in an air jet tub. When it comes to massages, air jets are less forceful compared to water jets. Air jetted bathtubs are cheaper compared to water jetted models of similar size because the mechanism is far less complex. Maintenance on an air jetted tub is also less than a water jetted tub and the bonus is that you can use soap and oils in an air jetted tub without fear of clogging any pipes.

Combination Jetted Bathtubs:

If cost is not a major factor in your decision-making process, the most expensive tub options is a combination jetted tub. This option combines air and water jets. With a combination jetted tub you can choose if you want to include both the air and water jets or if you just want to use one. Combination jetted tubs offer top-of-the-line features of both bathtub systems but they can be difficult to maintain and can require regular upkeep.

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