You would never think of a bathroom as being a place where you would find much technology, but it turns out a smart bathroom is a very true reality. Check out some of these great tech products for your bathroom.

TV Medicine Cabinet

You can now watch the news, sports, weather or other television programming while grooming thanks to the Robern’s M Series with TViD medicine cabinet that features a mirrored door with an 8-inch wide-screen LCD TV. The medicine cabinet also features an electrical shelf that includes an MP3 hookup so users can play music directly through the TViD cabinet, plus a duplex outlet to charge electronic personal care items.

Refrigerated Bathroom Cabinet

If a TV medicine cabinet isn’t for you, then maybe a refrigerated one is. Perlick Corp’s newest design, Refrigerated Beauty Drawers, was created specifically for use in a master bathroom. The 15-inch drawers provide a solution for storing organic and eco-friendly personal-care items including medicines, lotions and beauty products, many of which require refrigeration to stay fresh. each made-to-order drawer matches existing bathroom cabinetry and has customizable wood veneers so that it blends in.

Chromatherapy Bathtub

Chromatherapy tubs are integrated with colored lights to create a therapeutic experience. The Purist tub by Kohler allows you to bathe in eight colors and a full spectrum of light for a relaxing experience!

Digital Bidet

There are several different brands of digital bidets on the market. One is the Premium Digital Bidet Seat by Coway. This bidet comes with a remote control for hands-free operation. Two self-sterilizing, stainless steel nozzles spray aerated streams of water, which can be adjusted for temperature, pressure and spray width. The bidet is also equipped with a deodorizer and air dryer.

Touchless Faucet

The world’s first commercial touchless faucet, The Kohler Hybrid Energy System, has been tested to last a minimum of 30 years. The faucet’s sensor technology uses only a fraction of the power that standard infrared sensors use.

Digital Spa

Yes, your shower can be digital. Digital showers can create a personalized shower or bath based on your preference of temperature and water flow. The ioDIGITAL Vertical Spa by Moen has water coming from every angle and allows for complete customization. It can be programmed from the wall pad or a remote control.

Smart Toilet

Kohler’s Numi toilet features a self-opening and closing lid, a heated seat, deodorizing system, a bidet with adjustable controls for temperature and water pressure and a built-in speaker with a docking station. A touch-screen remote allows users to customize every option to their personal preference. Priced at more than $6,000, this toilet is sure to impress.

Illuminated Shower

The Illuminated Shower is one way to light up your bathroom. The illuminated shower by Novellini has a shower screen that is embedded with 20 LED lights.

If a smart bathroom is the way to go, there are many options to choose from to make that happen!

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