New Trends in Bathroom Design You Need to Try

Bathroom Trend #1: Private, Divided Vanity Spaces

New bathroom trend: divided vanities

Is your significant other notorious for crowding your bathroom space? Does their hair or grooming products follow the counter space rule of, “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is ours?” If you’re sick of getting your loved one’s toothpaste gunk on your side of the bathroom space, you’re now in luck. A new bathroom trend in cabinet and vanity building is addressing this very issue as more and more couples are opting for a divider between their double vanity feature. A single custom cabinet is not too tough of an addition, and just might be worth your sanity.


Bathroom Trend #2: Flooring with Radiant Heat

New Bathroom Trend: radiant heating

Heated flooring is not a new concept, but thanks to huge advances in technology for radiant heating underneath tile … now the cost to install it in your bathroom space is actually reasonable! It is great that more people are able to enjoy this cozy bathroom luxury–and it may even reduce your carbon footprint and decrease the cost of your heating bill overall. You’ll be more comfortable without forcing excess hot air throughout the entire house.


Bathroom Trend #3: Upscale Lighting

Bathroom Trend: Upscale Lighting

Elegant bathroom lighting has been trending over the last few years as homeowners have realized chandeliers or grand fixtures aren’t just for the dining room space anymore. Really, any space can feel more rich by simply switching out the lighting element. It’s an easy and quick solution for upgrading your bathroom as well, and the illumination industry has met this new trend with literally thousands of small and large designs suitable for the scale and design of any room.


Bathroom Trend #4: Showers with Every Bell and Whistle

New Bathroom Trend: Showers with All the Bells & Whistles

The beauty of shower design nowadays is it is a completely customizable space: from a bench seat to a rain shower head, body spray heads, or steam room functionality…the sky is the limit in your shower design. In a recent survey with Houzz, 43% of homeowners doing a bathroom renovation reported they would not be installing a bathtub at all, and would be creating a large shower space instead. Environmentalists are happy with this new bathroom trend, as even a luxury shower experience uses less water than a full tub, and your pocketbook will be happy too as your water heater will be doing less work and saving more energy.


Bathroom Trend #5: Unique Storage Solutions

Modern Bathroom Trend: Unique Storage Solutions

Another bathroom trend really taking the forefront this year is incorporating design elements from other parts of the home into the restroom space, and storage is a great example. Many designers are bored of a plain under-sink cabinet or the classic shelving unit. Taking their place are quirky and fun design elements for storing your bathroom accoutrement like open shelving, hanging crates or baskets, or furniture elements like wicker baskets and wooden boxes.

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