Benefits of A Custom Bathroom

It has been said that breakfast is the most important meal because it sets your body’s pace for the rest of the day. Just as a healthy breakfast fuels your body, a healthy morning routine in your custom bathroom will provide mental and emotional stability all day long.

Most of us start our morning off in the bathroom – showering, shaving, brushing our teeth, doing our hair, and prepping for our hectic lives. Imagine starting each day in an oasis of luxurious serenity. Each and every day is precious. Why not start them off right – in your bathroom, customized to your unique likes and specifications? It could be the perfect way to embark on your daily journey energized and invigorated each and every precious morning! Who knows, the snooze button may lose its appeal compared to your decadent, energizing morning routine.

Starting the day off right is only one of the many benefits you’ll receive from customizing your bathroom space.

Other Advantages of a Custom Bathroom are:

● Increased Home Value
● Greater Buyer Appeal
● Fixing Pre-Existing Problems
● Improved Lighting and ‘Feel’
● Matching Your Bathroom Style to the Rest of Your Home

Custom Bathrooms Increase Home Values

Homeowners are often surprised at the ROI of a bathroom remodel. Most remodels result in a return of between ⅔ and ¾ of their cost. Relaxing in your bathroom oasis becomes much easier with the knowledge that most of what your oasis cost has been recouped in the value of your home.

Customized Bathrooms Boost Buyer Appeal

Planning on selling your home? Already trying to sell your home but just not getting the offers you want? A luxurious bathroom is a primary point of emphasis for most buyers. Remodeling your “so-so” bathroom into a “wow” bathroom could transform your home from just a consideration into a buyer must-have.

Remodels are the Perfect Occasion to Fix Problems

Have you been meaning to fix that leaky faucet? Are your walls starting to show mold and mildew? Has your family changed or grown and your bathroom needs to evolve with it? Remodeling allows you to update your bathroom to match your current situation. Maybe you just need more bathroom storage space. Perhaps your kids have grown and nobody uses the tub anymore. Or you want to upgrade your cookie-cutter tub to a spa-experience jetted tub. No matter which fix you need, a custom bathroom remodel will address it, often for less than you’d think.

Customize Your Bathroom to Improve the ‘Feel’

Some people like their current bathroom, but feel like something is just missing. Sometimes they don’t quite know what the missing piece is. Often the bathroom ‘feel’ can be improved immensely simply by adding or changing lighting fixtures and/or light locations. Waking up and getting energized for the day ahead is difficult in a dimly-lit bathroom. Alternatively, strategically-placed, mood-light fixtures will provide the perfect lighting for any situation – from bright morning showers to quiet evening baths.

Custom bathroom matching the rest of the home

Custom Bathrooms Match Your New Home Remodel

The bathroom can be forgotten in a home remodel. Sometimes the rest of the home gets upgraded gradually. First the carpet is replaced, then the walls are painted. New furniture is purchased and the old stuff is discarded. The kitchen gets new appliances and cabinets. Then, at some point the realization sets in that, while the rest of the home is current, the bathroom is living in the past. It is no surprise when this happens. The bathroom is often the most intimidating room to remodel; but it doesn’t need to be. With the right partner, your bathroom can easily be remodeled to fit seamlessly in the present along with the rest of your home.

Customizing Your Bathroom is Easier than You Think!

Have you pondered a bathroom remodel but don’t know where to begin? Would you like to know what the cost of a bathroom customization would be? Give Prestige Bath Works a call at 801-790-8990. Our helpful staff will walk you through each step of your bathroom customization and we even have financing for as low as $60 per month!

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