Why Sentrel

Looks just like natural stone
Easy to clean and maintain
Costs much less than real stone

Installed in as little as 1 day
Resists mold and mildew
Versatile and customizable

Sentrel Construction

Sentrel is a unique, multi-layered composite material developed to meet the demand for a permanent and maintenance-free option to natural stone and marble in wet-wall bathroom applications. Sampled from actual stone slabs, Sentrel provides a flawless, high-resolution visual reproduction of natural granites, travertines, and marbles in a variety of patterns and colors.

Benefits of Sentrel


Sampled from actual stone and granite slabs, Sentrel provides a flawless, high-resolution visual reproduction of beautiful natural stones.


Sentrel costs significantly less than natural stone, and often much less than other bathroom remodeling products.


With an ever adapting selection based on contemporary design trends, Sentrel products are available in a wide variety of stone patterns, offering a large selection of colors and tones to choose from.


Sentrel can easily be adapted to bathrooms of all configurations, from clean and simple to one-of-a-kind designs, thanks to the ease of on-site customization.


Although Sentrel has the appearance of natural materials, it is completely impervious to water, bacteria, mold and mildew and requires no sealants, unlike natural stone and grout.


With full-wall panels and no grout lines, Sentrel is extremely easy to clean and maintain for a lifetime of use.


Sentrel can be installed quickly and easily over a variety of substrate materials, allowing skilled installers to transform a bathroom in as little a day.

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